The Lady at the Bus Stop – Short Original Fiction

Original Fiction by Jonathan Paper.

She cast a striking silhouette, black against a white sky. As large lorries hurtled by, her colour changed between brown, gold and black. I could see the sun behind her; a star, flung into the sky at the dawn of time, stuck in a strong place. Her face was hidden, but by light. That captivated me.

She sat down. It was then that I noticed her reason for catching the bus. The 207 bus took me to the community centre every Thursday. Needlework last year. This year they were teaching me how to cook. I had to get off at Stop 39. The hospital was Stop 38.

She groaned with pain, clutching her round belly. Though uncomfortable, she got out her phone and jabbed on the screen. “Danny?” She said. “The baby is coming. Can you – no?” She breathed sharply and shifted her weight. “Okay, I’ll meet you after work.”

And the bus arrived.

Picture Credit: Linnaea Mallette (Public Domain

A note from Jonathan

I had a good time writing this snapshot. If you like this story about this lady’s trials at the bus stop, please share the post or subscribe on WordPress. I also welcome all comments below.

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Jonathan Paper

Based in Australia, I write occasionally on the subject of pop culture, with movie reviews and other reflections from my Christian angle. I also reposted my podcast episodes (A Grown Up Guide To VeggieTales) here and some videos. If you like what you read, please write a comment and pass it on to someone who might enjoy it.

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